Work in Progress – Exit Birth

Catastrophe is opportunity. The blithe vixen ran head into a wall. Her brains and matted fur no longer encompassing any innocent thought other than to cast an abstract gore portending the crash of vanity. That crash was not an isolated incident, but shook the walls of all our buildings in all of our cities and […]


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Benevolent Vanity

“There aren’t any men or boys in Snowbane. They exist, but there aren’t many left and certainly there are none here. No one really knows what happened, but boys just stopped being born all that often. One immaculate birth happens every now and again, but we won’t hear about any new births until all the icicles fall and the riders return with news.”


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When Lemons Ferment

She is so close I can smell her breath. I’m trying to breathe in, more than out. She probably thinks I’m tilting my head because I’m a good listener, the way a churchgoer tilts their head during an especially poignant sermon. I just want to take her in completely. At this angle, I get my nose in just the perfect position. Hints of sweet milk and cinnamon toothpaste bring me into her house in the early morning. She stretches and yawns, coffee  wafts into our room, she shuffles on her slippers while I fold the sheets down. I pick curly strands of hair from her pillowcase and throw them onto the floor—Did she just give me a weird look? Read More…


She lays her head on the page and the cool hard book presses her cheek into her teeth, Impressing the words upon her mouth and vocalizing itself, in a perception of, taste.   The paper sopping wet with spit, pulped, yet still real and composed, the acrid taste of another’s thoughts spat out from her […]


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Harmonious Coleoptera

daisy, night’s color, crackles notes against the skyline   harmonious Coleoptera reminds us of how silence travels faster than light and   figmented filaments conflagrate for our fumbling tongues seen and lost   in a song unplucked from the dense, cool, twinkling fabric seen and lost   I should have sang their song or noted […]


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Apologetic Currency

It’s 5pm. Guy, the father of two and husband of Margaret, comes home to his family sitting in the kitchen. He walks over to his wife and gives her a big hug.

“Hi Honey, I’m sorry,” says Guy.

“Hi love, I’m sorry, too!”

“Hi dad, I’m sorry.”

“Hello son, I’m sorry, too.”

“Daddy! I’m sooo sorry!”


Flash-Fiction Contest: The Bloody Boondoggle.

“My Lord, what’re you doing? You can’t wear that to supper!” “Shut-up Cockhead, I’m on a totally different plane right now. ” “Sorry, master. I’m all out of sorts today. It must have been the grits I ate this morning. Bast has been trying to poison me ever since I sacrificed her favorite chicken.” “Damn […]


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Who Am I?

My first job was walking beans. I spend my free time writing, reading, making music, and traveling.


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Work-In-Progress: The Night Doesn’t

The sight, the wandering mind, the breath between wakefulness and dreams is infinite. I notice the space between two people dancing is closing. The night doesn’t hinder me.  I walk on to the next block. Following the paved road, I question whether will has the room to exist in the safety of community. If I step off of the fitted stones and press my soft shoe into the mud my mind will mimic the sensation I had as a child toeing barefoot through a warm summer’s riverbed. Did I have will then or was it simply my mother’s loosing hand that pushed me into new experience, new synapses. Do I have a son or does the world? Read More…

There exists, here

Dressed up in my history causing events

where I can sense, only

in front of where I was before, reaching

back, in the present. Read More…

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