Work-In-Progress: The Night Doesn’t

The sight, the wandering mind, the breath between wakefulness and dreams is infinite. I notice the space between two people dancing is closing. The night doesn’t hinder me.  I walk on to the next block. Following the paved road, I question whether will has the room to exist in the safety of community. If I step off of the fitted stones and press my soft shoe into the mud my mind will mimic the sensation I had as a child toeing barefoot through a warm summer’s riverbed. Did I have will then or was it simply my mother’s loosing hand that pushed me into new experience, new synapses. Do I have a son or does the world? Read More…

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Gaining Redemption Through Hope

Wanuri Kahiu’s short film, Pumzi, and the Wachowski brothers’ film, The Matrix, engage in a comprehensive depiction of how technology and truth function in a dystopian society. In each film, technology is depicted as a tool used by authoritarian systems from under which protagonists struggle for both truth and freedom. Technology and progress are represented as negative and enslaving, while intuition and hope emerge as the tools of freedom. Where intellectual knowledge culminates in a destruction of the earth and becomes useful only as a tool of authoritarian control, hope and intuition become synonymous with freedom and life. Although the two movies diverge on the point of defining freedom, hope and intuition are exposed as more capable of attaining freedom than the “old” ideas of progress. Read More…

Apologetic Currency

It’s 5pm. Guy, the father of two and husband of Margaret, comes home to his family sitting in the kitchen. He walks over to his wife and gives her a big hug.

“Hi Honey, I’m sorry,” says Guy.

“Hi love, I’m sorry, too!”

“Hi dad, I’m sorry.”

“Hello son, I’m sorry, too.”

“Daddy! I’m sooo sorry!”


Flash-Fiction Contest: The Bloody Boondoggle.

“My Lord, what’re you doing? You can’t wear that to supper!” “Shut-up Cockhead, I’m on a totally different plane right now. ” “Sorry, master. I’m all out of sorts today. It must have been the grits I ate this morning. Bast has been trying to poison me ever since I sacrificed her favorite chicken.” “Damn […]


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I like to write for games!

Need someone to rewrite a game idea you have or want someone to write a story from scratch? Let me know! Why me? I earned A’s in two creative writing classes at UC Berkeley. I reviewed and critiqued over fifty stories vying for publication in the Berkeley Fiction Review. I understand the process, the delicacy, […]


Who Am I?

My first job was walking beans. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about me, well, I’ll try harder. In 2002, I left rural Nebraska for a six year enlistment in the Air Force. In 2012, I leveled-up to unemployed, UC Berkeley graduate. I spend my free time writing, reading, playing video […]


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There exists, here

Dressed up in my history causing events

where I can sense, only

in front of where I was before, reaching

back, in the present. Read More…

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Work-in-progress: If you Never Create, the Question Won’t Matter

“Did you ask him?”

“Yes, standard protocol was followed.”

“Did you scan his mortality card?”

“Yes, ma’am. I have routed his feed through the reclamation system and placed a carbon print in the vault.”

“How many years?”


I want to live. Can they hear me? “I want to live.” Read More…

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Piss Drunk

The tinny clank of the cell door startles him to a drowsy realization. His crinkled Raider’s t-shirt wavers loosely about his body as the shakes set in. A pungent air found in dank back alleys hangs about the small room. His legs are wet. Read More…

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