Game Writing Excerpt: My People Are Norse

I’ve formatted it by numbered sentences to allow for easy changes and additions during the story’s evolution.


Breath of Ice:

  1. Black screen, silent outside except for winter forest sounds.
  2. Pan into the longhouse where Kahrla is sleeping.
  3. Zoom in on Kahrla’s flickering eyelids and enter her dream.
  4. An authoritative woman’s voice is commanding Kahrla to wake-up. “Wake-up, child!” Read More…

When Lemons Ferment

She is so close I can smell her breath. I’m trying to breathe in, more than out. She probably thinks I’m tilting my head because I’m a good listener, the way a churchgoer tilts their head during an especially poignant sermon. I just want to take her in completely. At this angle, I get my nose in just the perfect position. Hints of sweet milk and cinnamon toothpaste bring me into her house in the early morning. She stretches and yawns, coffee  wafts into our room, she shuffles on her slippers while I fold the sheets down. I pick curly strands of hair from her pillowcase and throw them onto the floor—Did she just give me a weird look? Read More…