Game Writing Excerpt: My People Are Norse

I’ve formatted it by numbered sentences to allow for easy changes and additions during the story’s evolution.


Breath of Ice:

  1. Black screen, silent outside except for winter forest sounds.
  2. Pan into the longhouse where Kahrla is sleeping.
  3. Zoom in on Kahrla’s flickering eyelids and enter her dream.
  4. An authoritative woman’s voice is commanding Kahrla to wake-up. “Wake-up, child!”
  5. Kahrla wakes up.
  6. Zoom in on her face, focus on her fast breathing. You can see her breath in the air.
  7. The longhouse should be rendered in cool, blue and black tones.
  8. She looks around at her sleeping mother, father, and brother.
  9. Kahrla walks outside to catch her breath and relax.
  10. She notices snowflakes are falling. Concerned/youthful expression.
  11. Kahrla brushes the flakes from her face and notices they are very dirty. She looks up and realizes that it is not snow at all, but ash.
  12.  It’s pre-dawn and she walks around to the back of her longhouse which is on a cliff.
  13. As she walks along the side of the long-house she kicks a Thor Hammer necklace.
  14. She bends down to pick it up.
  15. The screen pans from the necklace and as she stands back up, with the necklace in her hand, she looks onto the horizon of the sea and notices flames on the mast of a ship nearing shore.
  16. She startles and the player takes control of the game.
  17. The necklace begins to glow blue.
  18. The PC should now go into the longhouse and wake up her family.
  19. As her parents awake, she tells them about the ship and her family jumps out of bed. “Father, I see a ship not like ours with flames burning far atop the sea-ice!”
  20. Her father yells at her brother to go and put everyone on alert.
  21. Kahrla goes to grab a weapon and heads out with her brother.
  22. Her mother yells at her to come back, but Kahrla ignores her and chases after her brother.
  23. (Quest) The PC must help her brother wake everyone up.
  24. As she enters a neighboring longhouse she realizes that her cousin is there and remembers that the rest of her family lives in a nearby town.
  25. She promises her cousin that she will go down and warn them.
  26. As she leaves the house, everyone is yelling orders and running to the cliff to look. People begin to notice the ash. Expressions of wonder/fright.
  27. She runs to her brother and tells him she has to go warn (family name). He tells her to wait for him, but she just hugs him and tells him that she’ll be right back.
  28. She remembers the necklace in her pocket, takes it out and puts it around her neck before grabbing her coat and heading down the hill.