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There exists, here

Dressed up in my history causing events

where I can sense, only

in front of where I was before, reaching

back, in the present. Read More…

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but for a bloated belly. She

can’t conceive the wealthy.

Her happiness isn’t a commodity.


Sneaking , creaking stairs,

fear is not hiding today.

Steps gentle, but firm enough

to conceal their secret running.


Victory is,

three plastic wheels within four cement walls.

Pedal faster, faster,

winter’s glint gilding purple wrappers, thrown!


of gravity,

freed from the grocery!


Fluttery wings of waxed ceremony,

falling like confetti

Lie in testament to the speed of five,

little fingers.

Her Jaw,


in rhythmic chant,

piece after piece after piece.





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David Hume

I take an aith,

excuse me,


to trot back home

and enlighten


excuse me,


thistle-born Tory. Read More…

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A Heroic Couplet on Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba

  Light Yagami you are so young at heart,

From the others your age, so just and smart.

L, your rival, mysterious and blunt

Thinks you are Kira, and so goes to hunt,

Through the data your father has helped find,

They know not the Spirit that works in kind.

Secretly uniting, you seem a friend

Oh! Pretending, does L feign till the end?

Your father trusts you, your family too,

Would your sister still love you if she knew?

As the bodies pile, the chase so mounts

Your father, self, and L, languish the counts.

Your writing, unseen, in that hidden note,

Young Yagami, do you begin to gloat?

The friendly genius pair goes head to head

The Shinigami laugh, uncaring dead,

You both are dull pieces in his fun game.

You both fear unjust death, but fear is shame.

What starts for you an exercise in law,

Ends for you within L’s firing claw.

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